A World Built On Words

To blog or not to blog, that is the question that fills my mind this fine evening. If you try and fail there’s no one to blame but yourself but if you don’t try you fail by default. A blog is all about words, I love words, words can show us new worlds, new ideas, new emotions, language is the most important gift the human race has in everything it tries to do. The world as we know it simply couldn’t exist without it. So here are my words adding to the cacophony of thoughts and ideas already screaming around the internet wanting to be heard. If I can encourage or entertain myself and perhaps a few others this experiment will be worth more than I could ever hope to achieve.

How is it that the more we read the more books we have waiting to be read. It seems like I read more now than when I was at uni and all I did was read then. I read so many books that I never would have read before, books that gave me a taste of worlds fictional and real, long ago and far from now. What it is to be a slave when the world has been all but destroyed, a soldier in the horrific trenches of the first world war, or a woman with no hope save a good match.

I have never felt a call to travel the world. To my mind our home towns and ordinary lives can offer so much value that we miss if we focus always on where we will go if and when we ever have the money or the time. What my heart needs of adventure comes to me in the shelves full of stories I have around me right here at home.

My love affair with books started, I suppose, as many my age did, with Harry Potter. Back in the day I would read for hours about my favourite wizard, I would dream about Hagrid turning up to take me off to Hogwarts. I have read those books so many times that I know them better than anything I have written myself. They are not books about magic. They are about a boy who lived with loss, who was in the world but separate from it. It was and is something I could relate to. I could tell you my story and maybe I will one day but it’s more important to say that everyone has their struggles. Everyone has painful memories, illnesses, losses, bullying. If you gather ten children and try to talk to them about the hard realities of life and pain you may think they wouldn’t understand but the sad truth is most of them would get it. That is surely why we flocked to the boy wizard, why we take strength from the way he deals with the hand life has dealt him. He is not the cartoon heroes you so often see. He makes mistakes, he fails, he gets up and tries again. Maybe I am more attached to Harry than anyone should be to a fictional character but I feel I grew up with him.

I think we grow so attached to characters like Harry because we see their hearts, we feel their pain and their victories as if they were our own because we know them so well. Do we know the people around us that well? Most of the time no because it is scary to let people in, it is hard to let them know all our faults and our failures, all our wild dreams and hopes. It’s scary to hope that people will accept us. If your anything like me you hide in the fictional worlds in books and TV when the world gets too much and that’s totally what they’re for but as a certain starfleet captain once said. Poke your head up once in a while and look around, it’s life and you might miss it if you don’t open your eyes.

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