Turn Left for a different life

A journey is so full of potential isn’t it. You get it in the car and you’re one place in one part of your life and when you get out you’re a little different just for the journey. You are in a different place yes, but a long journey also has a way of making you wonder what your life might have been if things had gone a little different. If you’d turned left (that’s a Dr who reference by the way, if you haven’t seen it go watch it now, you won’t regret it.) I have just got back from Spring Harvest in Minehead which is a lovely place to visit and a wonderful event that brings you closer to God and makes you wonder why you ever let all the stuff of life get in the way.

To get to Minehead we had to drive through Taunton which was where my parents lived until shortly before my birth. Sitting in a traffic jam going through Taunton I got to wondering what my life would be if my parents never moved back to Sussex. I would have grown up in Somerset, the west country would have been my home. More than that I would never have met any of the friends I have, I would have known a completely different set of people. . My schools, my Church, my jobs would have all been different. Would I even be me the way I am today? Would I have ever gone to Soul Survivor (which is also an awesome event where you can encounter God so powerfully) and become a Christian?

It’s amazing to think that one decision my parents made twenty odd years ago changed my whole life. Crazier than that if I have affected anyone else in my twenty three years than there lives where changed by that decision as well and all the people that I might have  known have had different lives than they would have if had been there with them in Somerset.

God is surely the only one who can make sense of all the complicated ways that every decision we make affects the people and the world around us but we can learn from this thinking. Don’t ever think that your life doesn’t affect anything, don’t ever think that you are irrelevant or useless. Don’t ever think it doesn’t matter what you do. If you say one nice thing you can change a person’s whole day. The world would surely be a better place if we encourage each other, if we love each other, if we become more concerned with loving and accepting people rather than worrying about always being first, always being right and always being the most important.

Go out and be wonderful to each other. God Bless

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