One bloke inadvertently wrote a blog about politics. Sorry.

Why is it we don’t see the value in ourselves nearly as well as the people around us do and why is it that those same people find it hard to tell us about the value they see in us. Why is it that even when someone does decide to say something nice and encouraging in a really sincere heartfelt way that we find it hard to accept what they say at least publicly even if we then go away and cherish what they’ve said and let it rejuvenate our life we still may find it so hard to let that person know the affect they’ve had on us. 

I don’t know anyone reading this, I haven’t even told anyone I’m writing it. I don’t know a thing about you but I hate to think that there are people out there that aren’t being encouraged. Call me whatever you will but I honestly believe that there is potential in everyone, that we can all be forgiven our mistakes, that we can all find ways to make this world a better place, no one is beyond hope.

Just recently Margaret Thatcher died and I can’t say that I’m much of a fan of hers. Of course being that her premiership ended the year after I was born I have a somewhat detached view. I know however that whatever I think of anything she did she was doing what she thought was best for the people of Britain. That is of course what Tony Blair said when he left office. He said I did what I thought was right. I thought Blair was a good Prime minister but I know that there are plenty of people who hated him. Surely the most important thing we can ask from any leader is that they follow their conscience, that they do what they believe will be the best thing for their people and for this world we share.

We all make mistakes, these two have made plenty but I’m sure whichever you prefer or even if you hate both it is a better world when people are working hard to do what their faith and their conscience deems to be for the best, for the good.    

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