The Guy who dies ( pretty much every time)

I’ve been replaying the first Mass Effect game recently, it’s a bit like a rescue mission for me, I want to bring Kaidan Alenko into the rest of the series, I’ve played through each of the games twice but Kaidan has never survived. It’s like a grieving process as well, the closer I get to that mission, the closer I get to the moment when I have to choose for Ashley Williams to die. In my previous playthroughs she was a lover for my male Shepard and a best friend for my female Shepard, she was a key member of my squad, going on almost every mission with me. Even though I started this playthrough with the particular reason of keeping Kaidan alive and have as such kept him in the squad constantly I don’t know whether I will be able to let Ashley die in his place.

It makes me wonder how authors, who spend so much more time with their characters than all but the most crazed fan , ever bring themselves to kill characters that they have come to know and love like real people.  Surely it’s even worse for the Bioware writers, they have put in all this work writing Kaidan and I’ve never witnessed more than the tiniest sliver of that  and apparently so have a lot of other people as Kaidan only survived to the end of Mass Effect 3 in 17% of playthroughs according to Stats from Bioware I read on the  PcGamer website. These guys don’t even get to control when their character dies. Still it’s made for a trilogy that I have loved, a world that was so full of interesting characters and settings that it was truly worth saving. Bioware prove how the game industry are capable of putting out great stories that can get into our hearts just as much as a good book. Well Done Guys. (Oh and unlike so many vocal types on the internet I thought the ending was fine. And If you really stop and think about it the ending was brilliant as most of that game was ending.)



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