The Inspiration Myth (Put Your Arse In The Chair)

Who starts out inspired? Inspiration is so rare, we do stuff because we enjoy it or we get satisfaction out of it or maybe just because we have to, but inspiration.  When inspiration strikes it’s a shining moment of awesome but all the best stuff comes from people putting their arse in the chair and doing the work.

If you wait for inspiration or that perfect opportunity you could be waiting an eternity. Go out and make your own inspiration, build your opportunity brick by boring brick. If you try and fail maybe there’s no one to blame but yourself but if you never try surely you fail by default. We all sit and laugh at the useless acts on Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor but you’ve got to ask yourself whether you have the guts to put yourself out there. To try to make an opportunity or will you just sit in front of the TV and blame the world for never giving you a chance. Give yourself a chance. Put your arse in the chair.

Don’t expect everything you write, everything you do to be genius, most of it will be a bit crap, accept that then once your done try to cut away the crap and that just leaves the good stuff. People get really excited when some early work from some famous author finally see’s the light of day, they expect it to be great but you’ve got to wonder why it never got published before. Here’s the thing for every great book, wonderful song or genius invention people create there is boatloads of other stuff they did that was boring, stupid or crap. You don’t have to be perfect. (As my Film production teacher at College said) Put your arse in the chair and start doing the work. (He also said something about rewarding yourself with biscuits)

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