Star Trek Into Darkness with Light Moralising and No Spoilers

I saw the new Star Trek last week and it was amazing, it was big and cool and visually stunning and some of the dialogue was really clever. I am a massive trekkie so I was probably always gonna like it but I loved it. Course it’s not quite Trek the way it used to be, it’s not so comfortable relying on a great story and wonderful characters as it once was, it doesn’t make the sort of statements about the human condition and the politics of our world that it used to make. Yet Into Darkness is very much a film in love with the history of Star Trek, sure the Warp Core looks different but the characters and the best moments of this film look toward what Star Trek has been with great affection. This newest Star Trek seems to me to be like a stick of rock, it doesn’t make it as obvious as it used to but it still has a heart of Trek all the way down the core.

Star Trek still believes in a better future, but as it’s grown up its realised that as long as we’re human there are always gonna be problems, it’s how we face those problems that define who we are and what our world will be.

And I mean come on it’s got Sherlock Holmes himself, Benedict Cumberbatch in it.

Live Long and Prosper



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