The Power of Routine, The Power of Your Life

Get up, go to work, go home, see friends, eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed. Rinse and Repeat. The movies tell us that is boring, that we need to seek out the new and the different and the novel. Excitement comes from the extraordinary and the unusual. Routine is a powerful thing. I can write a post on this blog every week without inspiration or a strong desire to write because it is a routine, I love writing but I am writing this because it is Wednesday morning and that is when I write my blog (most of the time). We go to work day after day because of routine, it’s what we do whether we want to or not. Real excitement and satisfaction in life surely comes from crafting a routine that we enjoy, a series of things that we do because we have decided this is the best way for our life to be right now. I may be writing this each week because of a routine but I routinely enjoy Wednesday morning, I routinely enjoy writing this, whether it encourages or satisfies anyone else it has made my Wednesdays better. We make so many bad choices because it is the choice we’ve made so many times before, we eat to much routinely, we stay up to late and get really tired routinely, we sit around watching TV all evening rather than doing something constructive routinely. BUT. The big but is we write routinely, we say we love our partners routinely, we help our parents and kids routinely, we run youth groups routinely, we go to church routinely, we buy biscuits for the people in the office routinely.

We can do so much good and so much bad in this world through the routine actions we do again and again without ever thinking about their affect, those things are just the things that we do. Stop, take a step back and look at the things you’re doing, take a moment to be pleased about all the people you help, all the people you are kind to, all the people you smile at, all the people you give a nice hug to, all the people you bless in tiny incredibly important ways. Take a moment to see the power of making the smallest of changes to your routine. The ways you can begin to bless and encourage yourself and the people around you. Most of your life is spent following a routine make it a routine that blesses people, that spreads love and encouragement, that brings a little more joy into a hurting world.

May God bless you and may you bless one another.

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