The Long Earth And The Power Of Beauty

I’m reading the Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter. For those who don’t know it’s the story of what happens when the world discovers that there are untold numbers of alternate realities which most of the population can access very easily. These realities all have an Earth which is a little bit different. The big thing about all the Earths in the Long Earth is that none of them have humans, (at least as far as I’ve read in the book). The main character goes through so many Earths he begins to get very bored by the sight of it all, he grows weary of endless beauty and diversity. He becomes so used to it all he barely takes notice of most of it. It makes me think about the way we can take for granted the wonders all around us. Even our own bodies are capable of so much, the same hands that lift and carry heavy weights are also capable of the most delicate work. Stop and look around at the generous supply of wonderful beautiful things in this world and let that encourage you that the one who gave us all this really is more generous than we could ever dare to hope or imagine. Our creator is so worth getting to know.

God Bless

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