The Quarter Life Crisis (More A Little Wobble Than A Crisis But That Would Be A Rubbish Title)

What does a birthday mean? You get older, but you get older every day, maybe it’s just a day you’re more aware that you’re getting older. A few years ago that was still a great thing for me, turning seventeen and being able to learn to drive, turning eighteen and being legally an adult (and finally having enough money to take driving lessons), turning twenty and no longer being a teenager (Though I debate how good that was, I loved being a teenager, but turning twenty still felt new and interesting), turning twenty one and driving round Goodwood in a Mustang.

Me in a Mustang at Goodwood

On Friday I will turn twenty four and the coolest thing about it is I reckon my mum is making me a birthday card punning on a certain tv show. I am still in the same rubbish job I got straight out of uni, I’m still single, I’m still living at home. What have I achieved in the last three years since I graduated?

Thankfully there’s more to me than my job, my relationship status and my living arrangements. I may be old enough now that I have to admit I’m in my mid twenties not my early twenties but I’m also old enough to know how to sit down every week and write. I knew in uni I wanted to write but until a few months back I never sat down regularly to actually write. Something always came up or I wasn’t inspired or I was too tired or whatever. In the last six months I have written more than I did in the two and a half years before that. I have started this blog and am so pleased that I sit down each week with no idea what I’m going to write and before too long I have a post to publish.

My Circumstances haven’t changed all that much but as I stare down the barrel of another year ticking by I can see that I am making better choices now, I’m taking actions to pursue what I want more than I did before. I am, with a lot of errors, set backs and miss steps, making progress. I hope and pray that each of you can say the same.

God Bless

Ps Sorry to anyone reading who is older than me, it may seem a bit self indulgent for a twenty three year old (for a couple more days) to worry about his age, I hope you can forgive me.

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