Routine Generosity

Generosity is surely a wonderful thing, don’t we all wish that people would be generous when we are in trouble. I reckon there is more generosity around than we know because people who are being really generous don’t shout about it, they just get on with the business of supporting and helping people.

Last year we had a team of people visit my church to work with us and get alongside us for a week or so (if memory serves it was ten days). These people came from a church in Brandon Mississippi, that is an awfully long way from Lancing where I live on the South Coast of England. These people flew half way round the world to be a support to us, people they had never met before, as far as I’m concerned that is amazing. That is generosity. Their Pastor (Steve) spoke in one of our services, I will never forget what he said about our Church. He applauded us for the amount of activities and groups we run, for the way we try to engage with the people outside our doors. I’m familiar with a lot of what goes on in my Church but things can become routine and sometimes it takes an outsider to point out the acts of generosity and selflessness that go on every day of the week, the giving that has become such a habit, such a routine that it can be easy to take for granted.

One of the reasons why I love the Church is because it’s filled with generous lovely people and some of them don’t even realise how generous they are.

Generosity isn’t confined to the Church, it exists all around us in a thousand things that can easily go unnoticed. Whether you’re in the Church or not I think it is worth thanking people properly from time to time. A genuine word of thanks for the things people do for us can mean so much. A few words really can brighten someone’s day and a few words can destroy someone’s day just as easily so let’s not use our words to tear people down but rather let our words be a source of encouragement and a voice for good.

God Bless

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