Everyone Needs Support Sometimes

Support is so important. Even during day to day life when nothing has especially gone wrong, when things are ticking over, when your just dealing with the same routine problems you’ve had for months or years. Even when you feel like you have talked your problems through and through and you can’t imagine why anyone would want to sit and listen again, when you barely feel like you can bear to even bother mentioning some nagging problem because every one of your friends has heard so much about it and you have talked so much about it that there doesn’t seem to be a point.

Forgive me as I use a techy example. I have been building a new computer the last couple of weeks. I got myself a 4th generation I5 processor which came out recently and is a great upgrade to my old one. Modern processors are incredible, they are perhaps an inch square and no thicker than an average biscuit but they do so much of what your computer does. But, and here’s where I make a point about support, left on it’s own a modern processor would achieve little and then overheat. My processor has a (heat-sink) six inch tall array of metal fins and a nice big fan attached to it, without the support of the heat-sink to draw heat away from the processor it would overheat and burn out in no time.

People are just like this, we burn out if we’re not supported and the more we have to do, the more we have to cope with the more support we need. Have you ever wondered why famous people have big teams of assistants, maybe they can’t do anything themselves or maybe their lives have become so busy, there are so many demands on their time they could never do it all without support.

The need for support is a huge reason why Christians need Churches, none of us can do it all alone, we need help, we need support, of course we get loads of that from God but we also get it from each other, God didn’t make us to be alone, he made us to be in friendships and relationships.

The big difference between people and the heat-sink example I used is that the heat-sink supports the processor and that’s the end of it, with people it’s reciprocal, I need support but so do the people that give me support so I try to support them as well.

If you don’t need much support right now that’s great but it’s not an excuse to not be supportive when others need it. It’s good to be supportive and if you do it for no other reason than this do it because the sad truth is at some point you will need support, everyone goes through the rough patches. Once you start supporting people I bet you’ll find it’s really quite rewarding when you start to realise you have had an impact on someone’s life, an impact for the better.

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