Paying Attention To God

I worry sometimes that I come across too preachy on here, like I have all the answers, like I’ve worked it all out. I have answers that work for me but so much of what I talk about on here is personal, it’s love and loss and relationships and I can only speak out of where I’m at. Truth be told I’m struggling a bit and I’m really glad to be going away tomorrow, (Incidentally that’s why I’m posting two days early) I’m going to Soul Survivor to spend time focused on God and to spend time hanging out with my Christian mates. One of the things I love about Soul Survivor (I’ve been eight times before) is that it’s never the same twice, the event is pretty similar but still it’s never the same twice. That’s because so much of what we do at Soul Survivor is to make time for God, to focus on God and God is great at knowing what we need. Each time I’ve gone I’ve been a little different, I’ve been at different stages of my life and my faith, my circumstances have changed over the years. I’ve been to Soul Survivor as a school kid, a college student, a uni student and an unemployed person and so many other things have been different about me each time as well. That is especially true this year as I haven’t been since 2010 so I feel like I’m totally different than I was last time. God has met with me in different ways each time, he has helped me with different issues in the ways that I can best understand.

I hate it when people say that the Church should never change anything it says, that we should keep singing songs from hundreds of years ago and reading a Bible filled with old fashioned language that no one uses day to day any more. The Church should be willing to change everything but it’s message. God meets with people in ways they can understand, ways they can cope with, ways that will be helpful to them and the Church should do the same. Otherwise we might as well be speaking Greek to a world that long ago transitioned to English, it doesn’t matter if you have the best message if no one can understand it or worse yet if no one is even paying attention.

This week I’m going to be surrounded by ten or twelve thousand Christians, stacks of screens, speakers, microphones, stages, guitars, drum kits and all sorts of talented gifted musicians and speakers and I can tell you this now it doesn’t mean anything if we don’t meet God in it, if we don’t hear from him. A word from him is far better than a thousand words from anyone else.

I pray that you would hear from God whatever you are doing this week.

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