God Loves You For All Eternity

God is

He calls himself I am

It’s not because he can’t come up with a better name, it’s because he is.

We never just are. When we are something it is for a time, a period in our life when we are this particular thing but then we change. God isn’t like that. God is. When he says he loves you he means he loves you, has loved you, will love you, his love for you is a fact of his existence, he doesn’t change he doesn’t fade away or wander off or have a change of heart, he is.

When he says he loves you, that is an eternal unchanging fact.


This world runs to what is new and different, values the new over the old. God may not be new and hip but when you stop and think don’t you want to be loved and accepted and if your honest isn’t a God that is unchanging and constant so much better than one that changes day by day seeking only what is new and different and cool.

My God may not be cool but he loves me for all eternity and that is more than I could ever deserve, more than I could ever hope for. His unchanging stability is the perfect thing for me to build my life around. Even when everything else falls apart he is there loving me forever.

He loves you too, just come to him as you are, say yes to him, begin to build your life with the unchanging God.


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