We Need To Talk

The thing that sets humans apart from any other form of life on this planet is our communication. We communicate better than any other life form, animal or creature we have ever discovered. Our technology, our cities, our whole society exists because we have been able to communicate and co-ordinate with one another and work together to build what none of us could in isolation. Words, language and communication therefore are our defining characteristic.

So why is it we can be so terrible at communicating when it is important. Why is it that people that could happily move forward with things don’t because they never sat down and had a conversation.

God is a God of relationship, the three parts of the Trinity have always lived in relationship, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and God created us to exist in relationships too and yet so often we let fear and insecurities stop us from talking face to face, saying how we feel and having real communication.

I am convinced we always feel better once we sit down and talk stuff through.

God Bless

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One Response to We Need To Talk

  1. And learn how to be honest to ourselves and only communicate truth. Great article, thanks!

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