Keep Turning Up

Change takes forever but it happens quick.

We long for change, hope for it, pray for it, scream our need of change and it takes forever. But if we keep turning up then at some point things will change at quite a pace. I think the key to a lot of things is to keep turning up, want to build a strong friendship, a strong marriage, keep turning up, want to learn a foreign language, keep turning up, want to keep your faith through the most difficult time of your life, keep turning up, keep praying, keep going to Church, keep choosing to have faith as much as you are able.

When we feel completely useless and weak, God still wants to work in us and with us so we should use whatever sliver of strength we have to turn up, even if that’s all we can do, that’s enough, he will meet you there. Some of my most profound times have been when it took every drop of strength I had to get myself to Church, when even with everything I had left I couldn’t stand up or sing a single word of worship. At times like that just showing up is the greatest worship because God knows how much it took just to do that. He knows that when we have almost nothing and we give it all, like the old lady giving the two coins in the Bible, that is faith, that is love, that is worship.

God loves you when you are strong and when you are weak, he loves you every moment of your life, in all the darkest parts of it he loves you, he is never embarrassed of you, he never stops loving you.

Trust Him

Change happens in a rush, those dark days begin to fade away and you realise your life has changed, after so much time wanting the change and praying for it. Change happens, just keep turning up.

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