Are You Ready?

We are never ready for the responsibilities we take on. We are never ready for the next step, we are never ready to progress in our lives, to buy a house, get married, start a family. We are never ready. None of us can see the future, none of us can say how much energy or money we’ll have a year from now or how healthy we’ll be or anything else about what our circumstances will be. Even the richest can lose it all, and the poorest can come into an unexpected inheritance or manage to get a better paid job that changes their prospects.

There comes a point when we have gone as far as we can go without taking that huge scary step that we have been putting of even though we want it. There comes a point when we must move forward even though we don’t feel ready for the responsibility.

I think if you don’t think you’re ready that is so much better than thinking you are ready. It means that you’ll make the effort to try to make up the shortfall you see in yourself, it means you have been honest enough with yourself to see your limitations which makes you infinitely more prepared than the person who thinks he is ready, the person who is blind to their failings and to the potential pitfalls.

If you don’t feel ready get as ready as you can and then realise you still don’t feel ready and then do it anyway, we learn how to do stuff in the doing.

And rest assured God is always ready to catch you, he is always ready to pick you back up, to dust you of and set you back on your feet.

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