Life V One Day

This week I felt like I was related to half the world. My uncle came over to visit from Australia and we spent half the time talking about his son, my cousin who lives in China and the possibility that he may be moving to Brazil and then we talked about his sisters husband and his family in Romania. Some people would get jealous hearing all the stories of far flung places and wonderful holidays that followed. We talked through Italy, Greece, Egypt and all sorts of holidays my various relatives have been on. It didn’t really bother me. I would like to go on great holidays to beautiful places but I like my life right here, I don’t feel the need to escape it at every opportunity like my other uncle who has been on holiday four times this year.

I would rather spend my money and my efforts improving my everyday life rather than pinning everything on two weeks on a beach suddenly making me happy. Here’s an example, I am amazed when I hear how much people spend on weddings. Every time that I hear about a wedding costing thousands and thousands of pounds I have the same thought. Why wouldn’t you spend the money on the marriage? Spend it on things that will help you live together happily for years to come, put a deposit down on a house where you can make a life, buy a really nice bed so you can sleep better and you won’t fall out because you’re tired, get a dishwasher so you won’t fight over the washing up. Do whatever will make your life together better and happier, don’t pile it all on one day that could be the best day of your life but is still only one day. Please put the effort into a better life rather than a better holiday.

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