Sometimes there are no words. That is really unhelpful if you’re trying to write a blog. For me there are no words not because I have none, obviously, but because I want to shut up and listen. Hearing from God is a precious thing. We need to do it more. You might be thinking that is out of your control, God will say stuff when he says stuff and we can’t make him talk if he doesn’t want to. That is true, but what we can do is listen. God has more to say than we hear because we aren’t paying attention. God can speak in all sorts of ways, he can put knowledge and impressions in your mind, he can speak through people and through circumstances, he can speak through dreams and visions. 

When I interviewed for my current job I was told I had the job over the phone and that they would be in touch within a week or two so I took myself off job seekers allowance and then I didn’t hear anything for about two months. Every logical thought was that there had been some mistake and I didn’t really have the job after all, that if they had wanted to hire me they would have been in touch long before that but I couldn’t quite give up on it. Also my aunt felt God was telling her to keep praying for that job until I heard something. I only applied for one other job in all those two months because I just couldn’t quite give up on it. I didn’t even really want the job that much (it’s not that good of a job, it is part time minimum wage retail work) so I knew I wasn’t not giving up on it for any reason that made sense other than that God wouldn’t let me give up on it. I have now worked there for three years. I know that as much as I don’t like my job at times, it is the job that God gave to me when I had just finished an English degree which qualified me for nothing that I had any interest in doing (aside from best selling novelist which will take a few years, if ever), and the economy was falling apart (this was 2010). I have this job because God gave it to me, I have this job because I listened to God and kept faith in his promise.

I am at a time in my life where I really feel the need to listen to God but I am so aware that whether we feel the need to listen or not it is always better to listen to him and to follow him.

I pray that each of us would listen to him and go his way.   

God Bless

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