I’m Not But I Know I Am

Walking through the world we may come to the end of hope, but when we get there it is not the end, there’s a little more. A little more hope, an ember that refuses to die. For me that is where I see God most clearly. However trapped I feel in my circumstances he is there. My hope is in him. His strength never fails us, he will never abandon us. He is strong for me when I am weak, he lifts me up and helps me go forward. When I need to be encouraged and strengthened I can rest in him.

More important than working for God is learning to rest in him, to stand in his presence and set our eyes on him. You may feel like you don’t have time to stop and rest in him. I have found that when I make time for him the things I’m busy with seem to get done that bit faster, he makes me stronger, he makes me more efficient, he makes me more caring. I love him as I have never loved anyone or anything else and he loves me so much more than that.

When you are tired and weak look to God when you are energized and strong look to God.

God refers to himself as I AM, a name that speaks of his eternal unchanging nature. It helps me to know – I am not but I know I AM.

When I’m not strong enough I know I AM is. I don’t need to be strong I need to look to him and let him strengthen me.

God Bless

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