The Last Minute God

There is a time honoured tradition among youth leaders at my Church. Doing things at the last minute. I imagine this is true in plenty of other Churches too. I actually long ago decided that there are many benefits of doing things at the last minute, it forces you to be creative and resourceful, it keeps everything fresh in your mind so you have less need of your notes and most importantly it forces you to rely on God because there’s no time to go to anyone else when you are writing the talk an hour before the group starts (Though I’m not usually that last minute).

God is very last minute but also wonderfully prepared. We don’t see the set up he has been doing behind the scenes to provide what is needed exactly when it is needed. For example two weeks before all our youth groups were due to go back after the summer holidays we had a meeting about our teenagers group, the group had one leader continuing from the previous year and no one else had stepped forward at this point so we had a meeting of some leaders from other groups to try to come up with some people who might be willing to do the group. No one at the meeting was willing and able to add this group to the list of demands on their time but we came up with a few names who might perhaps with a bit of wishful thinking be willing to give it a go. I suggested one name, a woman I had only met once before, because I felt God saying I should suggest her. (We should always be obedient when God lays stuff on our heart like that.)

Now that group is up from 1 leader to 5 (including the woman I suggested) and therefore has more leaders than the other three groups. It felt last minute to us but God had people already positioned to make sure that group could keep working with teenagers in our town.

We may find ourselves teetering on the edge of a cliff unexpectedly but God saw the cliff coming. God has prepared for it. Look to him in your need.

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