Be Thankful Your Feet Aren’t Bleeding

“They hurt but they’re not bleeding so we’ll call that a win.”

This week I have been wearing some new shoes to work so after the first eight hour shift in them when my mum asked me how they were I replied with the above statement. That is the very meaning of looking for the upside. Circumstances may be painful but I can see how they could be worse, how they are moving in the right direction.

This week at my Church we watched a video about thankfulness. Here is the link

This video resonates with me so much in that I am so much like this man, I have always had food, tv, computers, water, school, family and so much else that many around the world strive for and wish for and I can take much of it for granted. The thing that really gets me is that all this stuff is good stuff and we should be thankful for it but with or without it the one thing we really need is God himself.

I have lived a life that has been full of material blessings and I have been happy in it and miserable in it and the thing that has made the difference is God. When I have drawn close to him and lent on him the good in my circumstances comes to the fore and the bad doesn’t seem so bad or so big or so powerful. Be thankful for the gifts you have had in your life by all means but seek out the giver and you will see that he is all you really need.

With him we can always say it may hurt but they’re not bleeding, it may hurt but we’re not at the end of the rope yet, we’re not at the end of our strength. We have good things to hold onto in God.

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