Don’t Just Survive

Where is the joy in your faith?

There are several reasons why I called this blog Survivorpress.

I became a christian at a camp called Soul Survivor, that camp is very important to me, it changed my life and I have a lot of great memories from my many times there. God has touched my life and helped me every year I’ve been.

I survived my childhood, the suicide of my father, the difficulties that has created for me in my life and my personality and my relationships, it has affected me massively but I survived it.

With God in my life I know I can survive everything because his power is greater than any that would stand against me. I like to think of myself as a survivor, a person of  perseverance, someone who just keeps going no matter the difficulty.

Survival is good but survival alone is not enough.

One of the Elders in my Church was telling me the other day about a men’s quiz night I had missed. During the evening there was a small slot for him to answer a few questions about Christianity and his faith, the last question he was asked was, What would your question be to the people here and he answered, Where is the joy in your faith?

Without joy we can so easily fall away, we can only persevere for so long if everything is dragging us down. When we are getting bored, frustrated and discouraged with our life and our faith then it is an important question to ask. Where is the joy in your faith?, Where did it used to be? When did it go? Why did it go? Is God asking you to change something you’re doing? Has something had its season? Where did your joy go and why?

It’s good to survive but you can’t survive indefinitely if there’s no joy in your life. It’s important to question where it went, to pray about it, to make changes to get it back. God said we would face plenty of difficulties, pain and rejection but he didn’t say that we would live lives without joy. Quite the opposite Joy is a defining characteristic of a citizen of God’s kingdom.

“God’s Kingdom isn’t a mater of what you put in your stomach, for goodness sake. It’s what God does with your life as he sets it right, puts it together, and completes it with joy.” Romans 14:17 (the message)

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