Whatever You Choose, Choose God

There is a point in Avatar where Jake Sully must decide who’s side he is on, a point where he either has to side with his people or the people he has come to love. He either has to accept humanity with all its failures and its greed or to take a stand against it. How do you make that choice? How do you know when it’s time to go? How do you know when the chance has gone to show your people a better way? When do your people stop being your people? Can they ever really stop being your people? Even if you become a big blue alien and begin to think of them as the aliens are they not still to some degree always your people?

There comes a point in each of our lives where we must make a choice. What do I believe? What can I accept? What is too far? What are my priorities? Do I make the choice that will make me happier now knowing I may regret it long term or do I stick it out trying to turn a place around, trying to make the people I’m with better knowing that choice will make the foreseeable future harder?

It is for choices like this that God gave us wisdom but when you’re facing a difficult choice it always seems like you could do with a bit more wisdom. A bit more information, a bit more guidance. Of course when you really care about a decision you will agonize over it but usually as soon as you’ve made your decision you begin to feel a lot better about the whole thing.

I pray that any of you trying to make a difficult decision would trust in your God given wisdom and the guidance of his word and his spirit and be at ease with the decision you make. I pray that God would be with each one of you. I pray that those who are struggling would be touched by his Spirit, that you would be able to set your eyes on God who is bigger than all our problems. I pray that there would be blessings and breakthroughs ahead for you even this very day. Cling to your God until they come and then cling to him some more.


God Bless

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