Light Enough For The Next Step

This time of year a lot of us get up while it’s still dark, we go to work and by the time we’re coming home it’s already dark again. I hate that, it’s like the sun might as well not exist because I basically haven’t seen it for 2 or 3 days. It feels like I’m living in the dark, not to mention how cold it is.

In our faith too, if God is light, we can have have times where it seems like we haven’t seen the sun for days or even weeks. When we’re stumbling around in the dark unable to see where we’re going.

I was reading a Wikipedia article about Finland the other day for reasons that aren’t important. Apparently  in the very north of Finland the Sun doesn’t rise at all for 51 days during winter. That must feel like the sun is just gone, like the night will run on forever.

I believe, because I read it in the Bible and experience it in my life, that no night lasts forever, no darkness is all encompassing and never ending. Here on this Earth we will always have a way back, a way forward, a way to get back to the light.

I pray if you’re struggling with things as I am, if you feel like the light is gone from your life, if you long to feel the Son of God lighting up your life, I pray that he will meet with you, that you will be filled with his spirit and he will be a light to your feet in these dark times. A light that will lead you along good paths and into glorious sunshine.

God Bless

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