The Rebuild

We never expect the unexpected. We have our ways, our habits. Our lives plod on in the same patterns and then once in a while something changes, something happens and life becomes different. Most people don’t like change because they worry that it could all go wrong, it could be change for the worse, it could all fall apart. I often hate change for those very reasons.

God told me several times earlier in the year that my life was going to change.

I thought he meant that he was going to change my life, that he was going to make my life better or help me to make my life better but I wonder now if those words weren’t so much a promise as a warning. Hold on Rob some stuff’s going to happen, some things are gonna change.

Perhaps every change is a promise and a warning, a promise of potential, of progress, and a warning of failure, of putting your faith in the wrong place, of being lazy or too afraid to try.

One of the things I love about the Potter books isn’t even in the books, it’s the story of the circumstances in which Rowling wrote them. As I understand the story her life went a bit wrong, she was unemployed, living in a little flat with her kid on almost no money so she decided she would write, she had always wanted to so she figured she’d just go for it. I love that, the idea that everything has changed, everything has gone wrong so I’m gonna do what I have always wanted to. Sometimes a change for the worse can be the motivation we need to change for the better.

When it all goes wrong, when it all falls apart set to work putting it back together and use the opportunity to put it back better than it was before.

I pray God’s help and his blessing as you begin the rebuild.

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One Response to The Rebuild

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    No matter what happens, or where life takes you, God will always be by your side.

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