An Eternal Perception

There’s a beautiful bit of writing in the second Star Wars. In A New Hope Obi Wan tells Luke that his father was betrayed and murdered by Darth Vader, then in Empire Lucas decides that Vader is Luke’s father, this led to a beautiful bit of writing. Obi Wan says that because Anakin fell to the dark side he ceased to be Anakin Skywalker and became Darth Vader and because of this what he said earlier is correct from a certain point of view. It feels like the most beautiful way to write yourself out of a corner because it is so true. The way we look at things has a huge affect. What if the prequel trilogy was sold under a different title that had nothing to do with Star Wars, would it change your perception?

Does it matter anymore if you loose your job than if your friend looses their job or if an acquaintance looses their job. It matters more because it’s happening to you or to someone you care about but it doesn’t matter if it happens to that girl you make awkward small talk with when you run into her in Asda? Is that right?

It’s really easy to make the mistake of thinking that if stuff is going badly for you then God doesn’t love you anymore or even to stop believing in God because how could a God of love let this happen to me. That reaction comes from the misunderstanding that our experience is the truth of things. Our truth should come from God, from the things that he has done and the things that he has promised and the love that he has shown us. These things come from and eternal unchanging God so they are eternal and unchanging. When our faith is based on this truth it will endure through the times our circumstances take a turn for the worse.

Following God may lead us into difficult times but he will also lead us through and out the other side of those times.

Trust Him.

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