Cry It Out

The world tells us men that emotions are something to be feared and hidden away, something to be denied. The sight of a grown man crying is unusual, out of place, taboo.

I love to cry, don’t get me wrong I don’t go walking around crying all day, crying is a release and a response. It allows us to release pain that we have bottled up, pain that we have hidden away until someone or something uncovers it and it comes spilling out. It is a response to the suffering of others, it is empathy to other’s needs, it is a reaction to being shown love.

On Sunday I spent most of the service trying not to cry and the moment Church was finished I went running from the building balling my eyes out. I couldn’t even tell you exactly why I was crying, it wasn’t any one thing. It was a whole load of things that have made life hard lately and on that morning God knew I needed to let some of that pain out so he met with me I started crying.

We cry from pain and we cry from love and happiness, the same thing come at from a different angle. We cry from pain and that’s bad because we’re in pain and we cry as a way of dealing with pain and that’s good because the pain is on the way out. The same thing from two angles, two perspectives. It’s like how seeing the sun rise when you’re getting up early is so different than if you’re staying up really late. 

God made us all with emotions so if I’m going through stuff and I cry I’m not going to worry if that makes anyone else uncomfortable. If I feel a bit stupid in the moment I know that sometimes when God really meets with me powerfully I’m gonna cry and other times I’m gonna laugh hysterically and other times I’m just gonna stand there and smile and feel like everything is right with the world because I’m there in the arms of my God. I’m not gonna limit what God is doing because of some social taboo against actually showing emotions.

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