It’s a boy, call him Jesus

Christmas is a time that most of us spend with our families, when we reconnect with relatives we haven’t seen for a good long while, when we share who and what we are, when we seek to show that we know people by the things that we give them. Some people in the UK may have been making some long journeys in the awful weather we’ve had the last couple of days, may have been waiting hours for a train or sitting in queues of traffic because of closed roads due to flooding and fallen trees. These will have been difficult, unpleasant, long winded journeys. I tell you the journey Jesus made to be with us, to reconnect with us, was so much more risky and difficult. Jesus was there before the beginning of the world, he was there at creation, through him all things were made, he was the creator, the source of everything, he was perfect, holy and more powerful than anything else in existence. He became a tiny baby born to a young couple of no great wealth, he became completely dependent on two of his creations, Mary and Joseph, he who was the most high and powerful made himself tiny and weak so that he could live among us. And if that weren’t enough he lived a perfect life and then died the only sinless man ever to live, his perfect blood willingly poured out for us on the cross washed our sins away.

This is the day when so many who don’t know Jesus celebrate anyway, this is the day when those of us who do know him celebrate his birth, which is incredible and miraculous. How awesome to think that the wonderful miracle of his birth in that stable is just the preamble, that Jesus the baby became Jesus the man and his life, death and resurrection changed the story of billions of lives throughout the world.

Below is a link to a wonderful retelling of the birth of Jesus by the youth of a church in New Zealand. I think it is wonderful which is why I used it with the youth in my Church and why I recommend it to you.


Merry Christmas

May God bless you as you celebrate his coming into the world which he created.

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