The Future

New Year has always left me underwhelmed. Why should a clock ticking over into a new year be a cause for celebration. Do people think that 2014 is suddenly going to fix all their problems, your life is the same today as it was yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that the future is a wonderful thing because it has the potential for so much that we hope for, I know two engaged couples who are getting married this year who hadn’t even considered relationships with their partners this time last year. People who would probably have thought you mad if you’d gone up to them on new years 2013 saying you’re going to meet someone and get married next year but that’s exactly what happened. Our lives can change so fast when we least expect it, our dreams can come true, we may have plodded on in pursuit of our dreams for years without feeling that we’re making any progress at all and then the hard work pays off.

The future has wonderful possibilities but that is true every day of the year. Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s because I value commitment and reliability much higher than spontaneity or living in the moment. Surely if you hope for the possibilities of the future you should go into each day with the intention to take every opportunity and to make good choices, resolve to change whenever you feel the need not just on new years, shower your partner with love every day, not just on valentines, celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus everyday, not just at Easter.

That is all so much easier said then done, we all wish that one day of effort could excuse laziness the rest of the year but it doesn’t work like that, life is lived one day at a time, each day is so small but each day leaves a mark, these marks build up into a picture of who and what we’ve been so live each day well in the strength of God, live each day in pursuit of the future you dream of and God willing you will get there.

God Bless and Happy New Year

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