What You Have

Today I spent a few minutes just watching my nephew confronted with a huge box of my old toy cars I’ve still got from when I was a kid (It’s like a box of nostalgia for me.) it was so cute. None of the cars kept his attention long though, as soon as he had one out of the box he lock eyes on another one he liked the look of and as he reached for it he’d drop the other one. I reckon if I left him with that box for half an hour he’d have every car out of the box.

In a kid playing it’s harmless and cute but if that is how we go through life, always grabbing at the new thing, neglecting what we have to grab at something new, surely that’s no good.

I’ve just been watching the 7.39 on BBC one. (Spoiler Warning) It’s about two people who meet by chance on a train, they strike up a friendship which leads to something more, eventually, inevitably the man’s wife finds out, (played beautifully by Olivia Coleman). It is difficult viewing, someone who did nothing wrong get’s hurt. As she says to him, she feels stuck in a rut as well but she never would because she loves her family. The saddest thing is that the pair don’t start their affair because they have stopped loving their partners, it begins because they are bored of getting up everyday and sitting on a train into London, because they see something new so they grab at it. They hurt people that they love in the most horrible way just because they are bored. I’m sure we can all understand why they would do that but it’s still the wrong thing. The most telling scene is the one where Sally asks Carl how there affair can possibly end happily.

Why do we do the wrong thing when we know it’s going to hurt us and the ones we love?

I don’t ever want to be the sort of person that does that but I know that I am not always the person I want to be. That is true of all of us, we all fail and fall short of what we want to be but that is why God tells us to keep our eyes fixed on him, if we focus on him we can keep things in perspective and we can go his way. If we follow him we can make the right choice even when we’re tempted.

God Bless

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