Everyone Dies

There are few statements that are true of every man, woman and child on the planet, we all breath, we all use the loo and the elephant in the room, the one we don’t really like talking about if we can help it, we all die.

Every person reading this is going to die, at some point, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps decades from now but it will happen.

One of my more distant relatives, (my mum’s cousin, I think,) lost his son a couple of weeks ago and lost his father today. It’s a horrible thing to happen, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, the finality of death, that a person you knew and loved is just gone and you can never get them back.

I think sometimes we come across as rather crass if we start talking about salvation and eternal life when people are grieving, it’s all too easy to make people think we are using their pain to start preaching at them if we aren’t careful about giving people time and space. I could tell you from personal experience there is no way I would have reacted well to people preaching at me when my dad died. For those of us who are a little further removed from the death (I only met those relatives a handful of times my whole life) it acts as a reminder of how our time will and must unavoidably end, it may just make us wonder is there something more, is there any hope that we may not have lost that person forever.

I am immortal, it may sound strange to say but that is what the Bible teaches, I will live and grow old and die and then I will be raised to live with God when he makes the whole of creation clean and new again and I will have a restored body that will never age or die or get sick and I will be with my God forever. That is what the Bible says and that is what I believe and I am so glad of my God and my faith because otherwise the certainty of death would be so much harder to face.

I hope and pray that all our deaths are a long way off but I pray too that we would each give some thought to what the Bible says we can have if we give our lives to God.

God Bless

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