According to Plan

Life is so often an accidental journey, distractions and diversions lead us of course, coincidences and luck shoot us off in new directions we could never have predicted. Even people with a plan all mapped out don’t really have a clue where they’re going.

You might think that writing a book would be different, that a writer could work out where everything was going, that they could plan it all out and then see that all come out in the story. It just doesn’t work like that, the characters evolve, details get filled in and reshape the plot around them. It starts to seem like there is no point in having a plan at all but I don’t think that’s the right response.

If we have no plan, no direction, no goal in mind then we don’t set off. I know when I’m writing that my plan means very little but I still have to have something of a plan or I just can’t move forward. I honestly believe that there has never been a person who has lived completely according to plan but if that is true it seems more important than ever to have a dream to shoot for, a plan in mind.

Here’s to the diversions and the detours, here’s to the twists and turns and blind alleys of life, it’s all so much more interesting than what we had planned even if it is a massive mess half the time.

God Bless you in your planning, and God Bless you in your mess, his plan is the only one that really matters anyway.

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