You Can Only Do What You Can Do

Sometimes life forces you to stop, everyday we reach a point where we want to stop and just lie down and rest, a point where simply being unconscious is the most appealing thing. On a grander scale every so often when we are too tired we have to rest, when we are too stressed we have to relax, when we are sick we have to do as little as possible, just stop.

Yesterday I got sick, I spent nearly 24 hours in bed and when I left my sickbed I only went across the room and whiled away the rest of the day playing simcity and watching youtube videos.

You can only do what you can do.

That phrase has become something of a mantra for me, it allows me to accept myself in all my failings, but for me it also has the subtext of you should do what you can do.

Yesterday afternoon I couldn’t move from my bed without making my already churning stomach feel way worse so I stayed in bed and that’s good, sensible, logical decision making and it works with short term illness like that but what about longer term problems. Do we avoid trying to get a girlfriend or a better job, do we avoid trying to finish that book we’ve been working on for years or whatever other unfinished project. If you can only do what you can do, but that also means you should do what you can do, it is your responsibility to find out what you can do, to challenge yourself, to get up and try.

Change is an ever present fact of our lives so what I couldn’t do last year maybe I can do now, it is down to me to see what I can achieve.

I truly believe that when we do what we can God will take care of the rest even if we are the old woman giving just 2 coins, if that is all that we have to give then that will be enough.

God Bless


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