Unconditional Love

I live in a town (technically it’s actually a village) of about 20,000 people, there is nothing terribly exciting about it. It has a train station, half a dozen schools, perhaps 10 or 12 churches, a small collection of shops (at least half of which are charity shops and takeaways) and a couple of supermarkets. I’m rather fond of it, probably because I’ve lived in this town my entire life. Thinking objectively about where I want to live there would be plenty of places better but this is my home.

It’s like that with so many things. I’ve been re-watching my Star Trek Enterprise dvd’s recently, most trekkies will agree that Enterprise was not the franchises finest series but I rather like it,  there is something very familiar about it, as Data might say I have become used to it’s inputs and would miss them if they were absent. I know there are plenty of objectively better tv shows but there is something attractive about a familiar structure, familiar characters, familiar themes.

The things that we love and enjoy don’t have to be the best from any objective standpoint or from anyone else’s perspective. We love what we love, we love who we love and we should never be ashamed of that because someone else doesn’t agree.

God loves you and even if no one else does he wont let that change the way he looks at you.

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