A Journey Begins

Why is it the more you know the more you realise that what you know is such a small amount of what there is to know? I have learnt a lot over the years, I read so many articles about all sorts of random things my family get tired of me saying “oh I read an article about this” during all sorts of discussions. I have answers to a lot of the questions I had when I was young but I have more questions to replace them.

Education is wasted on the young.

I heard that said more than once when I was in school and I get why someone would think that but for me at least that education has made me question so many things and learn about so many things in the years since I left school that it continues to have an impact on me nearly a decade later and probably always will.

It is just like that with God, I already knew lots about God before I became a Christian (virtue of growing up in a Christian family) but that beautiful moment when I felt God’s love for the first time and knew what I was experiencing, that moment when it all started to make sense and I fell in love with the one who had always loved me, that moment was just the beginning. Every new Christian has questions, every new Christian needs support to understand what they have begun. If you have spent years praying for your friends to know God and it finally clicks for them (as it has for a couple of my schools friends, thanks be to God) don’t view that as job done, don’t stop praying, pray all the more and be sure to support them and answer their questions as best you’re able, this is only the beginning for them.

We are the Church, all of us together and we need to be the Church because even the most experienced among us can’t live this life all alone, we need each other.

God Bless

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