Where God Has Put You

It is really easy to be scared to make a decision because there is a chance you might be wrong, because you know there are other people with more experience or knowledge who should be making the decision, because you know about all the mistakes you’ve made and you wonder why anyone is trusting you to decide anything.

If you have a decision to make, why?

Why has this decision fallen to you? Because it’s your life, because no one else will make it, because you’re the best person ever.

If you’re following God this decision has come to you because you are are in the place that God has put you with the mind that God has given you and you will make this decision with the wisdom that God has given you.

That doesn’t mean you should never worry about a decision or agonize over a choice but it makes me confident that when I’m done worrying I’ll make the right choice.

I am the head of one of my Church’s youth groups and it’s not because I sought it out, it’s not because I pushed for it, it’s because God told me I should put myself forward to do it so when I am making decisions about talks and leaders and summer camps I know that I am making those decisions with the backing of God because I am right where he has put me. When he asks you to do something he will always back you up. Of that I am certain.

God Bless

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