God Is Holy. I Am Not.

Don’t judge God based on his people, please don’t. We fail, we make mistakes, we can be harsh and unforgiving and judgmental and so much besides, we are far from perfect.

I hate to think that anyone looks at me and sees the mess I get myself into and the mistakes I make and writes God of because I am one of his people and I’m not all that.

God loves. He loves without restraint, without condition, he loves even when it is an agony to love us.

When we make mistakes he keeps loving us and he helps us, that is what it is to know God. To know that the only person in the universe who would have absolutely every right to reject me completely is also the only person in the universe who never will, the only one who will always love me.

If you must judge God by his people, marvel at the incredible nature of a God that could forgive all the mistakes his people have made and keep on loving them.

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