The Tired Uncle

My niece was born a couple of days ago, my nephew stayed over while his younger sister was making her way into the world. I find it incredible how quickly I can get to a point where I want this boy that I love to go away, to stop needing things from me. I think anyone who looks after kids for any length of time eventually gets to a point where they are tired of being needed for every runny nose and bathroom usage and a hundred other things.

I need so much from God every single day, I’m forever bringing problems to him and he doesn’t get tired and wish he could wash his hands of me, he doesn’t look forward to the moment that he can pass me off to someone else or wish that I’d leave him alone for five minutes. He is better than even the best parent on this earth, he is ridiculously patient, graceful and loving.

I pray that I would be more like him every day, that I may love the people in my life better and be more patient with them and more forgiving and I pray the same for each of you. The more we are like God the better this world will be.

God Bless

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