The Myth Of Control

Control is an interesting thing. So many people want to be in control, some even believe that they are.

I have often thought about why most Christians convert as teenagers, (I myself became a Christian at 14). Some people might think that kids are more impressionable but I think it has more to do with being in control. Most kids are under no illusion about who controls their life. They know that their parents and teachers control most of their life.

Adults need to be independent, self sufficient, in control, at least that is how we often think but even people who are in positions of power and control don’t control all the variables.

A company can go bust even with a good CEO, a country can go into recession even with good leaders, the best driver in the world can still crash, sometimes we reach the extent of what we can control and after that we’re just along for the ride.

I reckon Kids understand that they aren’t in control of their lives and so they find it easier to trust their lives to God.

That’s probably why a lot of us turn to God when our life spins out of control and we hit rock bottom. In that moment we realise we were never in control, not really.

I live my life God’s way and I know when my limited power runs out he still has the situation well in hand. He holds me in his hands. I give over my life to him and he does more with it then I ever could.

God Bless

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6 Responses to The Myth Of Control

  1. magnocrat says:

    The trouble is there are desires and emotions which often take control of us and instead of doing what we know to be right we do what we want to do. I’m not a believer but I am acutely aware that I do not lead a wholly good life. I think this applies to most people religious or not.

  2. magnocrat says:

    But ask yourself do we see any more signs of control in the religious than others ? Looking at the world my answer is no.

    • As a Christian I don’t consider myself to have any greater control over my life or my actions than many non believers who also try to exercise the control they do have to have a positive impact for themselves and those around them.

      For me the difference is that I believe in a God who has the power to control anything he wishes, I find that very reassuring because I love and trust him and because I know how little control I have over a lot of situations.

      The odd but beautiful thing about God is that he doesn’t use the power he has to control us but refrains from doing so because the concept of free will is very important to him. God wants us to love him and follow him but he knows there is no value in that if we are forced. So the one who has the power to control everything gives us the right to choose, gives us control at least over our own choices.

      Really our own choices are all we can realistically hope to control.

      As regards the failings of Christians (as I really can’t speak for any other faith group) yes, the Church is full of sinners, failures and all manner of weak people. We are not a shining beacon of the peak of human accomplishment but rather a collection of people who recognise our failings and our need for God to save us from our own stupid choices.

      We drag God’s reputation in the world through the dirt sometimes but he loves us anyway That is the beauty of absolute unconditional love.

  3. magnocrat says:

    Perhaps I misunderstand the Church and what I thought was its mission to change the world and the members.

  4. There are few things that are true of every man, woman and child who has ever lived but it seems to me that absolutely everyone, whoever they are, wants to be loved, to be valued.

    God is the only one I know who truly can love everyone,

    I absolutely believe that love changes lives, think of the way someone changes when they fall in love or the effect that experiencing love and support in a new family has on orphaned or abandoned children, the way that isolated old people light up when someone takes the time to sit and talk with them, to care about them.

    God doesn’t wait for us to be perfect, he loves us right where we are, he loves us completely, forever and eternally and that kind of love can change the world.

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