Your Five Minutes

A small amount of time can change everything. A few minutes can change a day, a few hours can change a week, a few days can change a year or even a lifetime.

Last Monday I didn’t go home after work, I went to help my brother get his new car which involved driving out of the city and then back into it at rush hour along roads I’ve never driven before. That couple of hours helping my brother changed my whole week. I was really tired by the time I was done and I didn’t wake up for days. When Thursday rolled around and it was time to write my blog I was still feeling really tired and, for the first time since I started it, this blog went a week without a post.

This morning I took a few minutes just at the start of my shift to pray. I was feeling a bit tense and stressed as I do sometimes when I’m going to work. I took a few minutes and I just sat and prayed. I’ve never really kept up a quiet time in the mornings, I don’t get the routine of prayer, it makes it seem like a chore to me but this morning I needed to take my five minutes and pray, even though I had a really early shift and I didn’t really have time. I knew today that it was important to pray and it changed the rest of my day.

Please don’t ever think that the few minutes you can find aren’t enough to bother with. A moment connecting with God can change a life.

Take your five minutes today.

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