The Complicated Perspective

The way we look at things is so important to our understanding. Yesterday I was reminded of this with a beautiful peace of irony.

Yesterday a bunch of us went to the Sealife centre in Brighton for my nephew’s second birthday.

I went there once when I was little so I had some memories of it. It seemed smaller, as many things do when we revisit them as adults.

I spent over an hour looking at all sorts of fish and turtles and the little orange frogs. The tunnel where you walk underneath a massive pool full of sharks is still just as impressive as it was when I was small, even more so because now I’m only a couple of inches from the sharks, as I’m so much taller (it’s not a tall tunnel)

After, we went upstairs to the Harvester, which is literally on top of the Sealife centre, and I reveled in the beautiful irony of eating some delicious fish and chips.

Fish are beautiful fascinating creatures, they are also a tasty meal, it depends on how you look at it. To really see them for what they are you need to to not limit them to just one thing they can be. If we only see a tasty meal we might eat every fish in the oceans without stopping to look at their beauty.

To really see people for what they are, you need to not limit them to just one thing they can be.

We use stereotypes, assumptions and  generalisations to simplify the world but they can lead us to such limited thinking. The sort of limited thinking that leads to people writing off women because some women can be far too emotional or writing off men because some men can be really immature, or writing off all Christians because some are boring hypocritical and unloving.

The world is so much more complicated than that.

God Bless all you complicated people.

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One Response to The Complicated Perspective

  1. missmaddie95 says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Stereotypes are nothing more than generalizations, which means that there is ample room for deviation from said stereotypes. I love your blog! Care to check out mine?

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