Just A Little Bit Lost

There is something so refreshing about getting lost. Not utterly, no clue where I am, lost, just a bit off the route. Getting lost is one of my favourite things about going on holiday, wandering off down streets I’ve never seen, looking at the buildings and the scenery.

Sometimes it’s nice just to take a turning and see what happens.

I did that today on the way home, I thought I’d try to be clever and cut through town to join the bypass rather than sit on the old trunk road. I wasn’t sure which turning to take and I picked wrong so I spent five minutes driving in a circle and then rejoined the trunk road at exactly the same junction I’d come off it at.

I had achieved nothing except to waste time and petrol but I felt better for it. I had seen a neighbourhood I’d not seen before, I’d got to have a break from the traffic jam and move a little faster.

Sometimes in life we have to take a little meander, look into something else, give another thing a try, even if all it achieves is to make us more certain of the direction we’re going in.

If nothing else, when you’re lost at least you’re open to all sorts of new directions.

God Bless

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One Response to Just A Little Bit Lost

  1. Thanks for sharing. Excellent thought provoking read. Feel free to share your inspirational posts at Godinterest (the Pinterest for Christians). God Bless Your Ministry

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