God’s Point of View

It’s fascinating how people react to photo’s of themselves. Some hate them, some love them, some can’t even bear to look.

We just got the pictures back from Mum’s wedding and looking through them I was struck by two thoughts about myself and two thoughts only.

Nice Beard

I really am quite tall.

I suppose it’s like Obi Wan says “Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view.”

The thing is of course, taking it quite literally, that our point of view is usually fixed inside our heads. Photos feel weird because they force us to look at ourselves, as others do, from the outside.

We can have the same sort of reaction hearing our own voice on tape, or reading an old journal entry, it is a perspective we don’t usually have and we can be so uncomfortable with what we see, or we can be pleasantly surprised.

It can be really difficult to understand how others see us but the trouble is, to even begin to understand how much God loves us and how far he went for us we need to comprehend how he looks at us.

We are his. His children, his creation, his family. We are the one’s he loves.


God Bless

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