A Quarter Century Of Me

Tomorrow I turn 25 and I’m going to the Goodwood Festival of Speed which seems so appropriate the way the years are rushing by. The thing that really surprises me is that I’m not as bothered by 25 as I was last year with 24.

It’s a cliche but it really is just a number, what matters is the way your living. If you are happy, if you have hope, if you know love that number doesn’t matter and if you are down, depressed and defeated that number will be one of a million things that matter far too much.

And if you are in your twenties and you feel like you haven’t achieved anything, don’t worry, Jesus didn’t start his ministry until he was 30 and he changed the world. If we’re here to do something incredible, if we are chasing grand dreams they might just take a long time and a lot of work but it will all be worth it.

God Bless


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