Your God Given Brain

Faith should never be an excuse for stupidity, it should never let anyone take the stance that they don’t need to think about an issue or consider different points of view just because they have faith. If we don’t apply intelligent thought to faith it is little more than mindless superstition.

The proof of good parenting comes when a child can take what they have learned from their parents and use it to make the right decision themselves. Indeed the best parenting makes the parent more or less unnecessary because it gets the child to a point where they become an independent adult who can stand alone (for the most part, I’m not convinced we ever entirely loose the need for our parents especially in the difficult times.)

Faith is the same way, we never get to a point where we don’t need God anymore but the more mature and experienced we are as Christians the more we can make decisions without needing a direct word from God. That’s the point, so if we as Christians don’t engage our brains, don’t think it’s the same as being on carried around everywhere by our parents and fed on milk forever, it’s the same as being a baby forever.

God gave us all brains, we have to use them.

God Bless

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