All In

Today I did something I’ve never done before, I bought 18 loaves of bread.

I’ve bought bread before but never in that quantity.

It makes sense that if you aren’t happy, if things aren’t going the way you want then you should do something different, go in a different direction, try something else. The trouble is that sort of thing can cause all sorts of pain, it is that sort of thinking that leads to people giving up on their careers without giving them a chance, giving up on Church, giving up on friends and partners, husbands and wives.

Sometimes it absolutely is the right thing to go in a new direction, there is a time for that but sometimes we don’t need to do something different we just need to commit absolutely to what we’re doing, we need to go all in, we need to buy 18 loaves of bread.

I know for myself when I committed myself more completely to my faith, when I committed more of my time and energy to it, I engaged with it more and got more out of it. The same with my writing, I used to right occasionally and it was good but it always seemed a bit pointless. When I started to commit to it more I got a lot more written and was happier with what I was writing and now I’m nearing actually finishing my novel (there were times when I never thought I’d get to say that.)

Sometimes we need to put all our eggs in just one basket, sometimes we need to go all in, sometimes we need to buy 18 loaves of bread because 1 just wouldn’t do. Just make sure you’re committing to the right thing and the right person.

God Bless

By the way the bread was for a camp at the weekend, 1 loaf would never have been enough for 25 people.

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