Occam’s Razor

There is a principle called Occam’s razor that I really like. It is basically the idea that the simplest theory is usually the right one, the idea being that the fewer assumptions in any given theory the better.

Last week I was busy getting everything organised for a youth camp we took the youth group on at the weekend. At the weekend I was busy actually being at the camp and this week I’ve been really tired from the tiring but brilliant time we had at the camp.

Yesterday I started getting really irritable and down and it only got worse today. I spent yesterday evening telling my friends about all the things that are wrong in my life and today telling myself all the same stuff (I talk to myself quite a lot, call me insane if you like.)

The thing I like doing more than anything else in the world is writing and yet I was so down that I couldn’t see the blindingly obvious. I couldn’t work out who I am and what I need.

If you are feeling awful keep it simple, do what you love to do, do it even if right now you can’t even remember why you loved it, do it just because you might as well.

If your life has gotten far to complicated apply good old Occam’s razor, cut out the things that serve no purpose, cut out the things that society tells you will make you happy. Find the simple things that make you feel like life is worth living again.

God Bless

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