Unfair World, Unfair Love

I’ve always liked games like Simcity, Theme Hospital and Prison Architect, the term is management sim. The point of games like this is to manage, run and grow a city, hospital, prison etc as well as you can.

The big thing that appeals about these games is the sense that even when everything is going wrong, you’re plunging into debt, things are burning down everywhere, the prisoners are rioting and a hundred other things, even then you know that it all runs on set systems and if you learn to be better you will get better results. That is a really compelling thing because in reality it just doesn’t work like that.

Take the example of Lewis Hamilton, he was fastest in every session at this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix right up until his car broke down in qualifying through no fault of his own. He did nothing wrong and yet he qualified all but last. Sometimes in life we do everything as well as we can and still don’t achieve what we should have in a fair world.

God knows the world isn’t fair, indeed God’s love isn’t fair. There’s a story in the Bible about people working at a harvest, some work the whole day and others only work the last hour or two and yet all are paid a full days wage. That isn’t fair but that is how God loves. It’s easy to feel hard done by listening to that if you are the one who has been there the whole time working hard but in truth none of us deserve God’s love. To receive it in any amount is a gift and who are we to say that God’s generosity isn’t enough just because he has also chosen to be generous to someone else.

God Bless


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