Your Shining Day Of Joy Is Coming

I went to the most beautiful wedding this weekend but what made it beautiful wasn’t the gorgeous bride or the wonderful church or the exquisitely decorated cake or any of the other beautiful details.

Years ago I used to pray that my friend would come to know God, I never thought it would happen, not really, I wanted to believe it would but I had plenty of doubts. So what really made that wedding beautiful was to see how far my friend has come.

I met him years ago at school when we were both teenagers. Over the years I’ve seen him change and grow, I’ve seen him come to faith in Jesus, I’ve seen him pursue and achieve his goal of becoming a teacher, I’ve seen him meet and fall in love with a wonderful beautiful woman, and this weekend I got to see him marry her.

It was a beautiful shining moment that defied the apathy and melancholy of a world where so many are convinced that dreams don’t come true. Where so many live day after day struggling to believe that their life can ever be anything but what it is right now.

I struggle to hope often enough, sometimes I try not to hope because it can be so painful to keep hoping. Sometimes it seems like the easier option is to give up and accept unhappiness. But I’ll tell you this, if you give up on hope it hurts so much more because suddenly everything is pointless, suddenly everything is meaningless.

My friend got there, he got his day, his glorious shining day, his day of joy, my day is coming and so is yours.

All you have to do is never stop hoping, never stop trying.

God Bless


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