Did You See That Coming

Sometimes things we think will be good for us really don’t go the way we expect.

Last week I got three insect bites on my ankle and they were fine until I went to a wedding which was a two hour drive away. By the time I got home my ankle had swollen up really big so being intelligent I covered it in anti bite cream to help it heal.

That all worked fine for a few days, I kept putting the cream on and the swelling went down. Then two days ago I developed a rash on my ankle which itched like crazy.

To cut the story a bit short, it turned out I was allergic to the alcohol in the cream. I knew I was allergic to alcohol but I never thought to check the ingredients, I’m never making that mistake again.

People often think they know what they need but how often do we miss warning signs that we really should pick up on never mind the times when we could never have seen certain things coming.

God sees stuff coming that we never do. I’ll give you an example. One of my friends was taking a driving test years ago and all of a sudden he stopped because he thought God had told him to, a few moments later an Ambulance came careening round the corner ahead. If he hadn’t stopped that ambulance would have crashed into him.

He did something that initially seemed foolish because he trusted that God could see the consequences better than he could.

Trust God, he knew about that ambulance and he knew about my rash before they ever happened. If he is keeping you from something, there’s a reason, if he is sending you down a different path, there is a reason. Whatever you do in life, trust God.

God Bless

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